2 Functions of Marijuana Dispensaries

The existence of numerous dispensaries in different states can gauge the growing marijuana industry. Hence, even portland medical marijuana dispensaries have become very common as well. Marijuana is now a multibillion dollar industry and is expected to grow further in the next 5 years. Dispensaries are established in response to medical marijuana demand and recreational use. However, these establishments could be more than just places where you can get medical weed.

  1. Dispensaries are like libraries for marijuana derived products.

Whether you are reading an informative item description of a weed or talking to one of the dispensary operators, dispensaries are a good place to be kept up to date with marijuana trends. Marijuana operators have the responsibility of knowing the regulating laws implementing marijuana and keep a keen eye on new marijuana products in the market.

2. Marijuana research

Provided all measures of confidentiality of the patrons are observed, dispensaries can be one of the best facilities to observe how marijuana influences in the community. If limitations in studying patients are encountered, researching on popular strains available in the market could be an alternative. The list of marijuana derived products grows in number each year and dispensaries are perfect places to do market research.

It surely pays to know what marijuana dispensaries are meant for to appreciate their usefulness and understand their purpose.

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