Child Support Guidelines and Estimates

Understanding the child support guidelines is important for individuals that are facing support payments. Calculating payments involves taking into account several factors, but ultimately a court has the final say in how much is paid. There are several calculators that provide estimates of child support and a lawyer may give you an estimate, but in the court will determine payments. You can consult family attorney in Irvine for prenuptial agreement.

Court considers the monthly income of the non-custodial parent, as well as the monthly income of the custodial parent. It also takes into consideration the amount of child support and alimony payments paid by the non-custodial parent from past relationships and the amount the non-custodial parent pays in health insurance. It also considers the amount of visitation rights and time the parent spend with the child without physical custody.

The Court may also take into consideration the amount received by the custodial parent in alimony and child support from past relationships, as well as the amount paid in health insurance premiums. An attorney who specializes in family law is the best resource for information regarding child support guidelines and what to expect in terms of payments.

The non-custody parent making payments is legally required to make the payments required of him or her by the state. Failure to do so may have its consequences. Some may have their driver’s license taken away if they fail to make payments. If you lose your job and cannot afford to make the payments outlined in the original agreement, inform the Court immediately so that alternative plans may be made.

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