How to choose a graphic designing company

If you have a retail product packaging design project, a company that only do environmental graphic design is unlikely to be your best choice. It is not because of the difference of the design level, but lies in the technical requirements, such as a good understanding of the retailers, pricing, and scheduling. A designer who is familiar with the combination of paint and materials, or knows how to observe indicator in the running vehicle, may also know the product packaging or how to put it on the shelf.
Even with these considerations, there is still no simple and intuitive method that can determine which company can do that, and which cannot. Therefore, you cannot pass or assert that inexperienced company may not do well in this program. In fact, sometimes it is good for some companies to hire a graphic designing company without related experience. If you find a company that you would like to cooperate with and also feel you can progress together with it, you can work with it.
The process “discovering” needs patience. The more the process is in-depth, the more you can find a hugely successful company to work with you (perhaps this will soon turn out to be a “staggering” success). So when there are many various designing companies in the eyes, please fully consider the following questions:
What kind of designing company are you willing to work with? What is the culture of that company? Can they adapt themselves to the culture of your company? Is the company flexible? Do they have detailed specific instructions or the scope of the regulations? Both of you are able to pay much effort? Who is their customer? How did they win these customers? For these customers, do they have a full understanding of the industry? Do they have good Copy writer, photographer, printers and network technical consultants? Are they experts in a particular field? Does the company have enough manpower and technical capabilities to meet your demand? How do they get a design?
If you still do not know how to choose a good graphic designing company, please have access to Big Picture.

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