Stained Window Blind Cleaning Tips

You will find two easy ways to eliminate stickers from windows to be able to get your windows really clean. The most frequent stickers available on windows are from post-construction and are often the hardest to remove. Other stickers may include a child’s favorite animal or comic book hero. Every type can follow these steps and will ensure no residue is left or scratch the window.

A very important thing to accomplish to be able to remove stickers from a window is to first have a wet rag or towel and hold it on the sticker for about 3-5 mins. Taking time and energy to wet the sticker allows for quick removal.

Typically this does the trick and it should allow the sticker to be peeled right off. If not, follow the next step:

1) Have a safety razor blade with a handle (Found at any janitorial store) and carefully scrape the sticker off. 

2) The razor blade must certainly be at an extremely acute angle on the window, that’ll prevent scratching. Every sticker I attended across has brought either or both these steps. Here I will advise that you can contact Rally’s Blind Cleaning services to get more tips on wind blind cleaning.

3) To help keep your blinds clean, there are certainly a few tricks that a lot of folks are unaware of. To clean your blinds, simply have a damp cloth, a bucket of soapy, heated water and go over each blind. 

4) Make sure to ring the water out of the rag so that it is damp, not soaking wet. You could have to go over the blinds a few times until they’re completely clean, but if you place in the effort, you will cut costs and can have clean blinds.

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