Things To Consider When Choosing Your Obstetrician

It’s only you who can decide which are the most important considerations for you. Here are some things to consider. Your health history is the first thing to consider. If you have any chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease, ask the doctors you are considering what experience they have in caring patients like you. You may need to be cared for by a maternal obstetrician caboolture specialist or perinatalogist who specialise in high risk pregnancies.

You should find out the doctors outlook. Find out the doctors attitude about issues that are important to you such as routine use of interventions like IVs and continuous electronic fetal monitoring. You cannot predict what your individual situation will require but can get an idea of the doctor’s general approach from   his or her response to questions. You may also want to determine the doctors feeling about having support people beside your partner present during labour and birth. Is the doctor supportive of natural child birth and is breastfeeding encouraged?

Another thing to consider is the   compatibility.pregancncy and childbirth are exciting but they can also be stressful so the best healthcare partner is one you feel  comfortable with and can communicate easily. It helps to ask  yourself questions like;

  • How comfortable do you feel with the doctor?
  • Do you find it easy to ask questions of the doctor?
  • Does the doctor seem interested in you personally?


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