Types Of Treatments Available For Controlling Cats & Dogs Fleas

The flea infestation in pets is a very annoying issue. When fleas bite your pet’s skin it causes discomfort and pain. In addition to this, fleas can transmit some dreadful diseases to humans. This problem can be treated by using products which are easily available in the market. Here are few different types of cat and dog flea control treatments available.

Topical Treatment

Tropical treatment is one of the common flea control treatment available. It is usually applied once in a month on the infected area. It kills the fleas effectively. It gets absorbed on your pet’s skin. After its application, one should leave his or her pet outside for few hours. You can use diatomaceous earth for dogs and cats to treat the problem effectively.

Flea Shampoo

You can find flea control shampoos as well from the market. These are specifically formulated for treating the disease. They contain Pyrethrin, which attack the nervous system of bugs or fleas. Majority of cats cannot tolerate the above mentioned treatment therefore it may not be suitable for them. Before their application they should be detest in water. If you have a cat then you should make use of powder and sprays. They are equally effective, but keep them away from your kids reach as it may be harmful for them.

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