Understanding The Personality Of The Jack Russell Terrier

Before you adopt a little Jack Russell of your own, you should first understand the nature of this type of dog to be sure you know what you’re in for. You’ll want to know the typical characteristics he’s going to likely possess, because although all dogs may be trained, some have a natural personality that no training can necessarily change .Here’s some important facts you’ll want to know.

Very Lively

These dogs generally a lot of power and require daily physical exercise, so be sure you’ve got room to accommodate his or her energetic disposition. A large garden will likely be ideal – they’re certainly not apartment dogs.

Bred To Hunt

As a result of years of breeding, the Jack Russell features a hunter’s personality. You can see this hunter temperament each time a Jack Russell is around smaller animals and also in how possessive they could be of their owners.

Devotion, Loyal And Full Involving Love

Regardless of his or her aggressive and possessive moods, in general the JRT is the wonderfully devoted pet. They can be a great companion and love spending time with their owners, all of which will often try to attract hidden attention to ensure his or her contentment.

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